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Logistics services for delivery within the city of Riyadh, and we aim to understand your needs and requirements of your customers, and we strive to provide Our services to be one of the best service providers in the region

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June in 2019, and we strive to be the best in providing logistics services in the region

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Affordable and competitive prices for your requirements

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We make every effort to reach your shipments on time and appropriate to your customers

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We strive to clean the competencies and modern technologies to obtain the best results

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Inside delegates
Outside delegates
Vehicle fleet
Some of our special numbers

Some distinguished company numbers for the year 2022

: Note

Our fleet consists of inside delegates (expatriate labor) on company sponsorship or through the Ajeer platform or through Waslne renting their vehicles. The companies supplying manpower, note that the other part of the fleet is outside delegates, and we mean by it to allow the Saudi youth to deliver, in order to support the community and support the company’s fleet in times of pressure

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About us

Waslne is a leading company in the logistics sector

We are committed to finding all services for the e-commerce sector in the city of Riyadh, we provide our services to shop owners electronic and commercial establishments, by means of national efforts and competencies and modern and advanced technologies

We at Waslne make every effort to provide the best services to customers so that the relationship between them and them continues their customers

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